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Emotional Wellbeing

It’s designed to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It gives you the tools to look after your own health & to take control of your physical and emotional wellbeing.


Health Benefits

The practice improves one's overall quality of life by enhancing mental and physical health, mobility & balance, memory, focus & concentration, cardiovascular & respiratory health, immune system, stress & anxiety & sleep.



Preventative Medicine

Qi Gong is a profound health practice promoting healthy active aging, reducing stress, helping in the prevention of illness & managing of illness. 

The word “Qi” means energy and “Gong” means work so through the Qi Gong practice we work with our internal energy, also known as vital energy, “qi” or “chi”. The ancient masters of Qi Gong discovered that this “QI” could be controlled, developed and conditioned through breathing, body movement, meditation and visualisation. You can build up not only your physical strength but also your mental, emotional and spiritual one. Through gentle body movements that aligns breath, posture and mind, qi gong works with the body’s energy systems to boost vitality and well-being. The best way to increase our energy is through our breathing so by breathing deeply, we bring more energy into the body. The breath, therefore is a primary part of the practice. We integrate breathing with slow body movements to relax the body and calm the mind. The breath becomes our anchor from our distracted thoughts and emotions & it also acts as the connector between mind and body. When we are connected to our bodies, we are connected with how we feel physically and emotionally. Qi Gong is integration between mindfulness & motion. Qi Gong originated in China 5,000 years ago and was used as a preventive medicine, a practice which allowed people to take care of their own health. Qi Gong constitutes a part of modern Chinese Medicine along with acupressure, agopunture & herbal medicine. In Chinese medicine, we have five essential organs and when they are balanced, our bodies are in harmony. The exercises are simple yet effective: every movement is aimed towards a correct and natural flow of vital energy within the body. During the practice we create a healthy inner body by working into tightness and tension and releasing them, allowing vital energy to flow freely once more. Where there is tension and contraction, vital energy slows down. The exercise un block any stagnant or blocked energy helping to restore balance. At the end of every practice, one should feel reinvigorated; there isn’t any energy loss or excessive exertion, everything happens naturally.  “Qi Gong will enhance your health & your life ”


About Me

My name is Noreen Tobin and I am a qualified Health Qi Gong Instructor.

I’ve been interested in health for many years and studied Naturopathy and Nutrition searching for “the way” to keep the body and mind healthy. When I discovered Qi Gong, It was here I found what I was looking for, a practice that allowed me to take care of my own health & incorporate Qi Gong into my every day life & a practice that I could  share with others to enhance their health and their lives.

I had studied Tai Chi for 5 years before I naturally attracted Qi Gong into my life. I got my first qualification in Italy where I practiced a Vietnamese style Qi Gong called Vinh Xuan. I moved back home in 2019 & continued my studies in 2020/2021 completing a one year teacher training instructor course with the governing body in Ireland "The Irish Health Qi Gong Association" for the promotion of Chinese Health Qi Gong. 

Along with working with body energy, I also love plant energetics & I am currently studying herbal medicine. This study connects me with nature and my love for the great outdoors. I enjoy walking , hiking and foraging. 

I am currently living in Killarney, Co Kerry Ireland with my Italian husband and three daughters. 

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