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Qi Gong Wellness

I promote physical, emotional & spiritual health & wellbeing. The philosophy behind Qi Gong Wellness is to help people take care & take charge of their own health. The focus is on self care & self improvement.

My Story

My name is Noreen Tobin and I am a qualified Health Qi Gong Instructor.

I’ve been interested in health for many years and studied Naturopathy and Nutrition searching for “the way” to keep the body and mind healthy. When I discovered Qi Gong, It was here I found what I was looking for, a practice that allowed me to take care of my own health & incorporate Qi Gong into my every day life & a practice that I could  share with others to enhance their health and their lives.

I had studied Tai Chi before I naturally attracted Qi Gong into my life. That was in Italy about 9 years ago where I had been living since 2000 . I got my first qualification there before moving back home in 2019. I continued my studies in 2020/2021 and completed a one year teacher training instructor course with the governing body in Ireland for the promotion of Chinese Health Qi Gong. 

Along with working with body energy, I also love plant energetics & I am currently studying herbal medicine. This study connects me with nature and my love for the great outdoors, hiking, walking and foraging.

I am currently living in Killarney, Co Kerry Ireland with my Italian husband and three daughters. 

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